Rachel Coyne on 27 Feb 2018

Get ‘IoT’ savvy with this exclusive Microsoft cloud workshop

Are you looking for IoT training in Perth to enhance your cloud skills with an IoT flavour? Then definitely, you need to consider the Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Internet of Things.

There’s no ignoring the rise of IoT technologies and its impact on today’s business. As a result of powerful cloud computing and advanced cloud analytics, IoT technologies are now accessible to most businesses. Businesses of all sizes can collect data from all their connected “things”. They can turn their data into its greatest asset by applying potent analytics to gain a greater operational awareness.

Consequently, as a cloud architect or IT professional with cloud experience, IoT exposure is becoming a necessity.

IoT training in Perth

DDLS in Perth is providing a rare opportunity to participate in Microsoft sanctioned IoT training in Perth for the purposes of exposing IT professionals to IoT cloud technologies. This is a chance to roll up your sleeves and enhance your IoT knowledge and skills. What’s more, you’ll get to implement an end-to-end solution. In particular, your solution will simulate high-velocity data emitted from smart meters and analysed in Azure and Power BI.

Azure IoT training in Perth

With the intention of bringing you the latest IoT knowledge and best practice, DDLS has joined forces with Microsoft MVP for Azure and IoT expert, Martin Abbott, to present a special full-day IoT workshop.

Learn from a Microsoft MVP for Azure and IoT expert

Azure IoT Perth Martin Abbott

Martin is the Chief Technology Officer for Satalyst and is recognised as an authority and thought leader on Azure and IoT. As a regular speaker around the world and cloud user-group presenter in Perth, Martin is an expert in his field. Furthermore, he is also an engaging presenter and will ensure your full-day investment in this IoT training is well worth it.


Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite gives you the tools to harness the data across your business by connecting the things, the people, processes, and assets already in your business. No need to start with a massive project; start small and know that you can fully scale your IoT solution whenever you’re ready with Azure.

Microsoft 40505 – Microsoft Cloud Workshop – IoT training in Perth

Azure IoT training in Perth with Martin Abbott